Eat standing up table / Aperitif table

Some experiments, not sure of the english name.“Mange debout” in French !


Pop Rivet Stand. :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic!

// Rolf

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Nice, but to « much Material » for 3 small Glasses.
That they dont need.
Non sustentable design.
But of course, high Domain of Gh+Rhino Marc Fornes/language!.
***( try to apply this skin concept to a sculpture,
Maybe « Kylian Mbape « Or « Griezman sculpture, 4 mts high,

Or a Horse? Why not!).
It s not better than this small object.
Better than one small coffee table.think i.

Your comment is non-sustainable. :rofl:

quote=“claudiofeldman, post:3, topic:106049”]
Non sustentable design.
Im not really sure it is aluminium and glass with very few plastic. So it could be recycled. It is also very rigid and not heavy.

I agree with you I must better do things that are useless. They could be surely be sold better than object with some use. But I have some difficulty to say that I am an artist. It is the problem of my life I am not good at sellings things. Especially useless ones.

Why does the top of the lowest table not have a circular section? It is part circular but with an odd pointy bit.

I really like these and the fact that you have a system to take them past render to reality.

You just need to find the right gallery that would be prepared to exhibit your work!

I have an automatic tool to make these endings. It takes rivets between 2 heights. And I choose to make sort of arcs between the rivet tabs. I didn’t spend enough time to optimize the settings in order to not have this ugly type of junction.

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I absolutely love this Dinersaurus design. :grinning:

Perfect choice of material, it will last forever, and family friendly design with different heights for multigenerational serving of both big and small and…

A slap in the face to all the haters of beauty and design, like those who just can’t stand the waste of “resources” it is with a meadow full of flowers in the wilderness where no one will see them and…

This is art and geniality and a statement that had to be made.

More of this kind of stuff! :wink:

// Rolf

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Until a kid sticks the hand/ a finger in
Just joking.

Perhaps transparent plastic film could be glued on the inside (hm, the rivets poking on the inside).

Nah, kids would simply have to learn how to slide the finger out of the maze… :slight_smile:


It is not dangerous if the aluminium plates are painted, surely because there were sanded. For sure it is a bit more sharp on the non painted parts if there is no smoothing/Deburring of the edges.

If it is well deburred I don’t think it is dangerous. But there are surely some regulations I don’t know.

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