Easing and Interpolation options for camera.animate?

Hey there - I’m looking to correctly set interpolation and easing options for the camera.animate method but not entirely sure from the documentation on how to set these and the options available. Here’s an example of what I’ve been trying with no success:

await camera.animate(
						position: camera.defaultPosition,
						target: camera.defaultTarget,
						position: [-187, -344, 110],
						target: camera.defaultTarget,
					duration: 10000,
					easing: "easeOutQuart",
					interpolation: "bezier",

Any advice on how to set this up correctly? Thanks!

Have you had a look at these pages?

In the second page you can see the list of admissible values for easing and interpolation. I believe in your case you need “Quartic.Out” for easing and “Bezier” (uppercase B) for interpolation.

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That’s what I was looking for! Thanks @mathieu1!