DynamicDraw - draw in shaded mode

Trying to draw a sphere but its drawing in wireframe mode… Is there any methode to draw it in shaded mode?

Hi @louis9jan,

Dynamic drawing was not designed to draw shaded, because shaded also implies depth buffered, and the dynamic drawing routines only draw directly to the so called front buffer.

In order to draw anything shaded it must happen inside the middle ground. And in order to do that, you must create a display conduit that executes inside one of the middle ground channels. DisplayConduit.PostDrawObjects is a good place to do this, especially when transparency is involved.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Thanx Dale for quick reply.
Is there any basic example for the same?

Any example in VB. Net to draw sphere or any surface object would really be helpful…
I tried some but no sucess…

Hello guys,
Succeed to draw the sphere by creating a Brep and then draw it under PostDrawObjects but its Disappears when i select any other surface.

What i am trying to do is showing in the attached image.

Image is self explanatory
I want two control objects on the curve which can be dragable on constrained curve and need to arrange the array of sphere in between those two curves.
Hope this clears what i wanna trying to do.
I am using VB.Net and making it to use in Rhino 5 64bit.
Now i wanted to know that can i make the dragable controls by using draw method or i am on wrong way!!??
Pls suggest…

This C# example https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/tree/6/rhinocommon/cs/SampleCsRectangleGrips shows how to create custom object grips. I don’t speak vb so I can’t translate for you

Hi Lando. Schumpich,
Thank you but the link is not leading me anywhere… Pls chk

Wierd I removed the naming part, the link will work now

Hi guys,

Checked the example suggest by Lando.Schumpich. I am not familliar with C# but what i understood is that this code adds the grips to the object to drag.
Also its mentioned that it requires Rhino 6

Now i would like to discribe my need again.
I dnt want grips to drag or modify the curve object. What i intend to do is i neen two objects (may b small sphere or points) on curve with some distance in between and need to arange the another objects array in the distance between those two points with equal gaps. Also the two points should be dragable on the selected curve ( here i dnt want to drag the curve points but the points on curve) and once the distance changes between those two points because of dragging, the number of objects should also increase with equal gaps.
And for this iam using Rhino 5 64bit and visual studio 2008.
Pls suggest.
Thank you