Dxf to Archicad Mesh

Hi everyone,

I am currently testing out Grasshopper to see if some actions can be automated in Archicad.
As an input i have a dwg file containing various objects (lines, hatches, text). I tested several nodes and plugins, but did not find a good working solution. As an output I would like an ArchiCAD mesh, using the archicad plugin.

It seems to go wrong at the DeHatch node. It reports Empty Boundary. Does someone have a solution for this or knows an alternative?

Things to note:

  • Import Content node is from Rhino
  • Filter Type node is from eleFront plugin
  • Deconstruct Hatch node is from eleFront plugin
  • Mesh node is from ArchiCAD plugin
  • Dxf is a publicly available map of streets
  • I am relatively new to Grasshopper

BGT-dwg.dxf (7.0 MB)

Mesh script 2.0.gh (91.5 KB)

Hi B,

Here’s a more Rhino 8 way of doing it.

I’m not sure what the ArchiCAD mesh requires but the surfaces output in the definition attached should help.
Re_Mesh script 2.0.gh (79.6 KB)

Let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you for the reply!
When I use the surfaces as input for the Archicad Mesh Boundary, the node is red and gives the following error: “Data conversion failed from Model surface to Curve”.
The Archicad Mesh node requires the input:

B (Curve)
Boundary Curve of Archicad Mesh.

I tried extracting the edges by using Brep Edges, but this gives the error: “Invalid Curve value. It must be in a horizontal plane and closed”

What other node can I try?

A quick check of casting your Surface to Curves shows the failure.

Isolating all the failures we see that the Islands (interior boundaries) are causing problems

Re_Re_Mesh script 2.0.gh (12.4 KB)

Thank you very much! It seems to work.
Although now it seems it created meshes from all hatches. But I thought I filtered to a specific layer in the Import Content node? I only need the hatches on the layer “wegdeel (vlak)”