Drill Machine


a drilling machine I have made for my students (I was showing the work process).


really nice one !:grinning:

Hi Uroš,

Really nice having a teacher with such dedication!

For those wondering the same as myself: " is it an existing drill"
Yes it is:


Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for reply Runnie & Willem!

Yes, I used an existing product, because that we could compare the quality of visualization (and the importance of details, graphics, materials).


kudos, Uros, nice model!

Now that’s a great piece of work!
And it’s a great example that Rhino is accurate, but users might not be :wink:

Your gray shaded images, how were those made? I like the x-ray’ish/microscopish feel they have, they are odd in a good way as they force me to read the geometry and not the visual appearance. Well done!

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Thanks Rodrigo!

You are right Holo, the model/render is really not entirely 100% accurate - I used different Drill reference pictures, so there are some minor deviations :wink:

Clay renders are polished in postproduction.


That was not what I meant, sorry, I was referring to some users frustration over never getting the models watertight, and failing blends and fillets. But if one has the skills then clean and accurate models like yours are the result. By the way what render engine did you use?

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Ah, sorry I didn`t understand.I thought that you think that the model is not exactly the same as in the picture (otherwise it is watertight and accurate).

In this case I have used KeyShot because our school just bought it for Rhino (and I make a little test). Otherwise I prefer using V-Ray.


Would u have a step by step on drawing the drill???

I just have this.



first, thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understood you. Did you have in mind if I want to sell a render or 3D model?