Drawing Lines to nearest neighbour, Populate Geometry

Hey all, new to Grasshopper, trying to create a net of lines connecting different points on a populate geometry plane.
How to I get each point to find its nearest 2/3 neighbours and draw a line to each?

Image attached to show you my work area so far.

Many thanks!

Please post your file with the relevant geometry internalised.

You might use the Proximity 2D component:

220809_Proximity2D_00.gh (3.8 KB)

Edit: That does not actually cover your 2/3 valence requirement after all it seems. I might be misunderstanding the G input parameter.

Hey interesting component, thank you for the suggestion. It might work well enough for what I want to do.
I’m trying to use the generated lines as an avenue for clearing entities from a separate populate geometry. Just a learning exercise really, there are so many components with minimal description haha