Drawing ellipse using Circumference and perimeter

Hi all,
i want to draw an ellipse using its circumference. i have the length of the curve. 42.075 m and i need an ellipse with same perimeter. i searched for different mathematical solutions but i couldn’t find the solution.

actualy my goal is to divide an ellipse into equal 0.425m parts. in order to do that, i firstly calculated the length and now i want this length as the perimeter of ellipse.
any help?

As far as I know, there are an infinite number of ellipses that can have the same perimeter - different aspect ratios. What you can do is create one you like and then scale the result to the length you want…

Fixed length ellipse.gh (7.4 KB)

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Wow! thank you. it did the trick perfectly. it was the best approach possible to this problem.