Draw uneven dash line

Hi, I extracted the edge of the brep, and then I use perp frames under to offset the edge on the surface, but somehow when I tried to use dash pattern to show the line, the input number is affected by the number of the court of perp frames. I don’t know why but I just want to be able to adjust the length of dashes and gaps.

190528.3dm (389.0 KB)
unnamed.gh (25.7 KB)



is this what you were looking for?


Dash - gap.gh (20.2 KB)


yes! this is exactly what i want . Thank you so much.

i wonder if there is any other way i can also extract the other three edges?

here is the one with uniform offset from all 4 edges.
It might be done more simple probably…

Dash - gap_2.gh (36.3 KB)

very similar, can I just asked one more question, I want the four edges are separate or are there any way that at the corner the pipe won’t intersect. I am really thankful for what you did!!! I know I should not be asking so many questions. But this is kind of my homework and i have to fix the problem and i just don’t know how to get it done even though i tried so hard