Draw line through a grid

hello people,

i created a parametrical grid in grasshopper. now i wanted to write a script to connect the points in the grit with a line, that has a preset length.
i also set two points on the grid as a starting and endpoint.
i want to evaluate some options how a line throuhg this grit could possibly look like.
is this even possible without more parametres?
the line should represent a ramp, that goes through the building.
the red lines you can see in the file, are the lines that are created by the current script. i hope my question is understandable. i also apoligize in case this a to basic question. i’m still learning :slight_smile:
thaks for your help!

  • “grid”, not “grit”
  • “through”, not “throgh”
  • “want”, not “wand”

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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im sorry this was inadvertently… thanks for correcting me