Draw a box tan to two circles command needed

two circles centres not at same y value, a few inches apart on x axis,
see attached .3dm file

I need to draw a box (size not important) tan to the farthest edges of the two circles.

I choose box command and no tan option seen. so ctrl click the options in osnaps and choose TanFrom, but it asks me to pick a point, and that is not good for allowing it to choose a suitable tan location !

so how is it done ?

box tan tan circles.3dm (35.9 KB)



Hi Steve, this?


Or is there a known direction?

Hi Pascal,
yes thats ok, no known direction, whatever is minimum length of box fitting tan the two circles.

I have had to take dims between such circles on an item and wish to plot such in Rhino with minimum effort, so measuring the side of a box would be ‘minimum effort’ !


I’m not sure what is minimum here but maybe this is what you want?

Set a CPlane > 3Point to the circle centers as X. Then make a CPLane based bounding box.

But DimAligned should just do this for you.


Isn’t that the same as setting a CPlane to the line between the circle centers?

Duh. Sorry, got there via a roundabout way.

so no known command as such,
construct the line and box.

I realised if I went osnap centre and a line for the two circles, then extendLine snap to circle each end, then dim aligned to the line that did it.

As I have a few to do, I am avoiding messing with Cplanes as Cplanes do cause me issues and to lose this project after 11weeks work now to trying to recover the Cplanes I had , is not wise.