Draping with tension point

Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way of creating a draping with tension points using Kangaroo? I got inspired by this envelope facade and tried to model it on a polygonal-shaped building as a trial with the help of youtube tutorials, but I couldn’t really make it work.

I would be glad to learn how.

Have a look at this nice example from @martinsiegrist in response to a similar question a while back


Thank you, kind sir. This is exactly what I am looking for

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Hay @DanielPiker , I spent the whole day trying to adapt the script for my shape but I couldn’t make it. Can you check by any chance, please? I’ve put my shape in simple polysurfaces and the script @martinsiegrist used.
brep.3dm (290.1 KB)
shrinkwrap_building BASE.gh (8.6 MB)

I looked a bit at your problem. I think you first need to have a shape that has quite the same dimension and position.
Here I scale (by hand) your brep to have an height of 70 units.
If you want more precision of shrink wrap you can double the size.

shrinkwrap_building.gh (4.9 MB)

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Thanks a lot !!! :heart:

For those keeping score at home reference project is a gallery by SO-IL in South Korea.

SO – IL | Kukje Gallery—K3 (so-il.org)