Drag-n-drop open of non-3dm formats does not use default template

Subject says it all: when I drag a non-3dm file onto Rhino and choose Open from the File Options dialog, it doesn’t open with the default template, but with some other template that I hate.
In R7 and R8.


Hi @Bathsheba,

A template is just a prototype for a new document. Once you work with that document there is no ongoing association with the template that provided its gestation.

Any existing file you open, whether 3dm or not, just opens with the data it contains.

If you want a Sketchup file, for example, to incorporate the layers from your default template when you bring it into Rhino, then open Rhino with a new document based on that template and on dragging your file onto Rhino, choose import instead of open.


Hm. I feel like when I “Open” a file that isn’t .3dm, i.e. doesn’t contain any Rhino config, it should do exactly that: start a new document with my default template, then bring the file into it.

I wish for 1 viewport but everything opens with 4 viewports, etc etc, and somewhere there’s a lurking template specifying it all, and if I can’t have my default template then I wish I could get at that one.

I realize I’m whistling in the wind here, what can I say this is my papercut, well, thanks for looking.