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Hi all (@jokamm especially)!
I’ve been trying Drafthorse and it’s saving me much time thanks a lot! I seem to have a small issue when printing from PDF layout: my layouts are always cropped, they don’t seem to take into account the Page height and width.
Do you know how to fix this/have any workaround?

Here’s my script

My Layout

And the PDF result

Thanks in advance,

Hmmm… @Quentin1 could you share your file and script? I’ll take a look
thanks, Jo

Hi @jokamm,
Please find attached a sample GH file.

Here’s the view i have:

And the extracted PDF (we clearly see the square is “out of the box”):

The file:
Drafthorse extract.gh (20.2 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @jokamm,
Did you have time to investigate a bit? Did i miss something?
Thanks in advance!

@Quentin1, Working on it - there’s a scaling issue when the page is not in inches (PDF printing natively works in inches from what I can tell, and page dims need to be converted).
Thanks for your patience,

@Quentin1 i think I have it fixed - please update your version of Drafthorse in the Package Manager to 1.0.1 - I tried your file and it now works as expected. Just have to wait and see what else it broke now. Thanks for your feedback & bug report!

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@Quentin1 i did notice something that also might be tripping you up in your script - the “Make Layout” and “Print Layout” components both do not respond well to button inputs - this is a quirk of grasshopper that I haven’t been able to work around yet - so in the meantime I recommend boolean toggles instead. If you do press a button to trigger either, it may freeze your canvas. To unfreeze, you can usually click the button again.

Awesome! Seems to work just nice. Thanks a lot for this plugin, will save me a lot of time :ok_hand:
Have a nice day

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