Domain of a curve


I think the documentation of CurveDomain () has not been concise. What does “domain” stand for in this context? Is it the ID of the curve?

You don’t mention which documentation you are reading so I don’t know what it says there. At any rate, in mathematics, the domain of a function (and thus a curve) is the set of input values for which the function is defined. So, no, it’s not the ID. But you provide the curve’s ID as the argument to that CurveDomain function.

I always refer to @DavidRutten’s excellent blog post on curve parameter space when needing to explain curve domain. It’s both quite thorough and easily digestable. Might help…

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I’ve made a small GH definition to visualize a few things that (I think) are good to know when working with curves, lines and domains… (16.6 KB)

Thanks guys it helped a lot.