Does Rhino adds RhinoSDK support in MAC

I am interested in using VisualARC on Mac. But as I found out there is a problem. The guy from VisualArc wrote

Will it happened that RhinoSDK will be added to Rhino Mac?

Apologies for the delayed reply. We do not current have plans to add the C/C++ SDK to Rhino for Mac. At the moment, we currently only support the RhinoCommon (C#) SDK.

Hi @fsalla (VisualARQ),

Is this the end to all regarding VisualARQ for Mac?

@msmr It is not the end but that means that it will take longer to bring VisualARQ to MAC


Sorry for broaching the subject again. But can you say anything about the timetable for this? @fsalla , do you think this will take a year, a half or two?

I´m a big fan of Rhino on the mac. VisualArq would make it the whole in on product for my needs.

Thanks alot

@atzepe, I dare to say that it will take more than a year. But I can’t be more pricise right now.