Do we flag these posts, or do we leave them be?

Hi McNeelies :slight_smile:
I’ve come across a few… peculiar posts lately; not just here, but on other forums as well. They typically read like something out of the textual version of the uncanny valley. I reckon they’re authored by ChatGPT (usually based on the first post of the thread). They tend to revive old threads with no-value-added noise, sometimes there’s a link, sometimes not. Do we flag them as spam, or do we just leave them be? Here’s one from just now.
TIA, Jakob

I tend to flag those that don’t mention Rhino and those that have links to something that looks unrelated. The one you mentioned is a borderline case, as Rhino is mentioned, there is no link and the thread is about 3D scanners that work with Rhino. That’s why I didn’t flag that particular one, but I did flag another one this morning (polycarbonate - nine month old thread, first time poster, link and no mention of Rhino).

There was a post in this topic which linked to ultrasonic baby scanning which got removed. I’m not sure who flagged it but I generally flag that type of post.

The latest post I think can be left.

That’s funny, I just flagged that post as spam. Despite the lack of links and clear marketing, I’d consider such (ChapGPT generated) posts as information pollution, and thus spam. But indeed it’s perhaps time for Discourse to consider expanding the flagging categories to include “Auto-Generated Bullshit”.

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I can’t help but wonder what the purpose is, when no spam-link is included? I probably need to realise, that “no purpose” is sometimes purpose enough :exploding_head:

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FWIW, that was in the Import a color 3D scan thread. It wasn’t flagged but I removed it because of the completely off-topic link in that post.

In my experience, the spammer will often come back to modify their post by inserting a spam link. They don’t necessarily know the grace period for modifying a post, and, when they come back too late, that post just sits there. At some point later, they’ll come back and create a new post and modify that sooner… At that point, I’ll remove them and flag the Rhino Account.

Others appear to simply insert a SpamGPT ChatGPT text that is 80% accurate. I suppose that, if everything that is posted on a forum is only 80% accurate, it’s as good as being worthless? Those users often appear to originate in Russia.


Isn’t there a option for discourse forums to prohibit user with lowest rank to share links? That would make a user ban an efficient solution!

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