DLA Topography Workshop

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DLA-Workshop.zip (2.0 MB)

This workshop includes a basic introduction to Rhino.Inside.Revit along with examples based on Revit site workflows.

It begins by giving you a foundation in Cross-Platform workflows of Rhino<>Grasshopper then moves into the Rhino<>Grasshopper<>Revit arena by showing how to send Rhino Geometry to Filled Regions (2D paving drawings). We then take Rhino Block names and locations into Revit to find families and place in the project.

As the workshop continues we go through using grasshopper to add Topography by Points, SubRegions and Hosting Railings. Then briefly go over a workflow that creates Roads on Topography using Revit floors.

Note that additional components have been added since this workshop to accommodate Element Tracked workflows and user requests.