Divide Length / Distance Including Start/End points

I’m trying to divide a closed curve by a specific distance and noticed that the start/end point remains constant within the division.
The issue is that it’s affecting the spacing and I need it to not be there at all since it seems that the spacing is ignoring this point.
I’m not sure how to cull out this point as it’s a tower with multiple curves, and culling the first point does not work, nor does a cull pattern work, since the floors are different sizes which means that the number of divisions varies depending on the floor.

Any suggestions on how to exclude the start/end point from the divisions?

Grasshopper File

what is this ?

I used the Close Curve for the curves at the top that were not closed, but with that command it’s including the closed curves and trying to close them, which it can’t since it is already closed.

and the second ,curve to brep ?
i think you need first fix this problem

The brep join?
It’s to join the bottom union posts with the top.
Is there a different way to join them together?

there is a problem ; and in which part you have the problem of divide ?

Oh sorry, I’m not using that bottom half, it’s a place holder for additional legs at the bottom of the tower.
I made it so I can switch around the number of legs, shape and size of the tower to create different designs.
Is dividing the tower into two portions like causing errors? It has worked until now when I’m trying to create structural supports at each floor with the divide points on each floor issue that I originally posted about.

about division you mean this part of definition ?

Ya, I’m not sure why it is including the start/end point and there is no option to not include it.
The issue is that the start/end point of the curve stays static while the number of divisions changes, which depending on the division number - will cause a point to be on top of or very closely positioned next to the division point.
It’s really throwing off the design of supports to have two so close together, and I’m not sure how to not include that start/end point in the divide length

no this is not a problem of points
if the length of the curve is 20cm and you choose 6cm > 6x3=18cm and you will see 2cm at the end.
you need to use regular divide with a trick

Twisting Tower Code2.gh (50.5 KB)

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That works! Thank-you for your help!

don’t forget to flip all curves to the same direction; you will find that in the definition


You can use in Pufferfish “Point Divide Curve Target Length” which divides a curve equally with segment lengths as close as possible to an input target length. It also has options for finding the length to nearest, floor, and ceiling.


I really like pufferfish plugin