Divide curve by lenght depending on curveture graph?


i want to know how to do this. i have this curve, and i want to divided by fixed lenght, but when is more concave, division should be around 30m, when is more convex, should be around 60m, and in between an interpolation. i tried to do a manual curvature graph by dividing the curve in segments, but then i got stuck.

hos can i do it? thanksss

PS: cannot attach the gh file, cause i cannot save it in a new document, if you use a random curve, it would be fine

Have a look at this thread. https://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/curve-inflection-points

From what I can tell by quickly looking at the code provided there, the code is running a big loop to hone in on the different inflection points. While that will tell you where the curvature is zero, it won’t tell you where the curve is convex or concave.

I would personally offset copies of the curve a little bit towards the inside a little and towards the outside a little bit. Then use the curvature component to determine if the curvature vector at the middle of each span is pointing towards the inside offset or the outside offset.

Hi did you ever manage to solve you problem.

I have something similar in mind.

  • I have a reverse curve, 19km long

  • Differing levels of curvature

  • based on the curvature value I was looking at introducing segments of say 50m and 30m in length.

  • Where the curvature is greater I an introducing say 30m segments and less 50m segmemts

I was thinking that i would introduce conditioning to split the reverse curve into a number of segments and sub divide those segments

I don’t have access to Gh at the moment so was trying to think through a plan.

How did you go?

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hi! so kind of you for this response. actually i think we changed the project strategy at the time… so at the end i couldn’t resolve the problem :frowning: but stilll a nice problem to solve!! thank you for your interest!