DisplayConduit and Clipping

Using Python i´m drawing objects (eg. a box) in a display conduit which is runs permanently by using DrawForeground. The box stays visible until i toggle the state of the conduit. So far that works but if i zoom out or especially if i add objects via Rhino’s interface, the dynamically drawn box gets partially clipped. Further if i delete regular rhino objects, the dynamically drawn box disappears if i´ve zoomed far out. Once i zoom way in, or add regular geometry using Rhino’s tools, it gets visible.

How to control this so my object(s) drawn dynamically stay visible (unclipped) at any time ?

I´m not shure its something like the second example class shown here, i guess i need to overide CalculateBoundingBox eventhandlers via python and add the box points ?



Thanks Dale, but i´m not shure how to overide it, do i have to put it under the same class and use a similar construction like when using DrawForeground ?

class CustomTestConduit(Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit):

    def CalculateBoundingBox(self, e):
        e.BoundingBox.Union(Rhino.Geometry.Point3d( 1000.0, 1000.0, 1000.0))

    def DrawForeground(self, e):

this does not seem to do anything yet :blush:


You’re so close. It is

bbox = Rhino.Geometry.BoundingBox(-1000,-1000,-1000,1000,1000,1000)

Thank you both, it works !