Display mode different when printing

Can someone tell me how to get the printdisplay to pdf the same as displayed on the layout (Rhino 7). I have some items checked out in the display mode but they are visible when printing to pdf. This problem is not happening in Rhino 6. Please help

Dag Tom -

I’m not seeing that here when I try to reproduce this:

Could you provide a small 3dm file and the ini file of the “Shaded Outline no curves” display mode?
It looks like your layout viewport is set to that display mode. Ideally, that’s always set to Wireframe and details are set to different display modes.

display mode to pdf.3dm (883.4 KB)
Shaded Outline no curves.ini (13.9 KB)

Tom -
I see that you were printing to vector output while I had that set to raster output.
I’ve put this issue on the list as RH-66272.

Thanks Wim. Hope it’s solved soon.

Hello Wim,

any progress with the print output? When can we expect an update?

RH-66272 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14 Release Candidate

Great! :+1: