Display date in European fashion

Is there any setting to make it ‘normal order’ D.M.Y or Y.M.D?

I’m using a Python script to customize the date the way I want it.

date_today.gh (5.1 KB)

How about a guy who doesn’t know python and wants the date displayed as YYYY.MM.DD?

Learn Python. Or use Deconstruct Date and concatenate

Learning Python is on my to do list.
Deconstructing date is faster :rofl:

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I want to get better in Python so I can do more complicated stuff. I often struggle with seemingly simple scripts … So many things to learn …

Hi Piotr -

Does this one help?


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I evolved from concept designer to more computational stuff. I’m quite good at finding solutions and bypassing some problems, yet I often notice how much I have to learn to master Gh, let alone Python (possibly) or C# (probably never).
The one you’ve just posted is a great example of it.