Difference between divide curve and divide length

What is the difference between ‘Divide Curve’ and ’ Divide Length’? They seem to be able to do the same thing that is put points on a curve, what are their operational differences? Can one replace the other?

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Natalie T

Divide Curve always divide your curve into “N” segments with equal length , whereas when you use Divide Length you’ll likely to get end left over which has shorter length than division length.

There are three main curve division options:

 1. Divide Curve
 2. Divide Length
 3. Divide Distance
  1. Divide Curve takes a curve and divides it into a number of equal length segments i.e take this curve and chop it into 10 equal length pieces.

  2. Divide Length takes a curve and divides it into segments of a set length. The last segment will be the remainder i.e if you have a 9m long curve and divide it into 2m segments, the last segment will only be 1m long.

  3. Divide Distance divides a curve so that the points it gives are a set distance from each other. Note that the distance is the euclidean straight line distance between points, not the length of the curve between points.

Curve Division Examples.gh (19.1 KB)

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To complete the list, the Dash Pattern component is also a kind of curve division. In case you want a sequence of different length segments (measured along the curve) with optional gaps in between.