Devloft vs

I have just tried devloft for rhino 6, for creating developable surface and seems that it is giving nice results ( I test it with curvature analysis) However settings are slight different ( I suppose that devloft density option is similar to “number of control points”, but there are no closeness to curves option)
Is there any substantial difference between devloft tool for rhino 6 and plugin? Is there any advantage with tool comparing to devloft?

Thanks in advance

I am not sure how Rhino 6 implements the new command devloft. What I can see is the following major difference: devloft assumes that a ruling (a straight line) connects the start points and the end points of the curves to loft. This assumption is too strong to be made in general. It must not be made if one wants to achieve a developable surface, except for the following case:

If (and only if) the curves to loft have coplanar tangent directions at their start points (or end points), then the developable surface connecting the points will have a ruling (a straight line) connecting them.

Therefore, in case the curve tangents at the start (or end) points are not coplanar, one should usually not forcefully assume that they are connected by a straight line. Assuming this will either lower the developability of the resulting surface in the area close-by, or force the resulting surface to be a general cone.

D.LOFT gives you the possibility to choose between forcefully connecting by a straight line, or finding the best solution. devloft seems to always assume connection by a straight line between the start and end points.

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