Design and Parametric Fabrication Workshop - Controlmad

Design and Parametric Fabrication Workshop

July 1 - 26 (100 hours)

Embark on a comprehensive journey into 3D modeling with Rhinoceros and Parametric Design with Grasshopper. Through this hands-on workshop and practical application, participants delve into these powerful tools, culminating in creating a large-scale prototype using digital fabrication technologies.

Beyond mastering the fundamentals of 3D modeling, students will explore advanced techniques to tackle complex structures, conduct analyses, perform precise calculations, and engage with physical environments. The course offers an immersive experience, allowing students to leverage CNC technologies such as laser cutters, milling machines, and 3D printers to bring their designs to life.

The ultimate goal? To unleash creativity by conceptualizing, designing, and modeling captivating objects, prototypes, or sculptures with Rhino and Grasshopper and then materializing them using Controlmad’s digital machinery.

This ninth edition of the course adopts a hybrid format: Part I comprises entirely online sessions, while Part II (optional) offers the flexibility of both online and on-site participation.

Part I Online - 3 weeks:
– 3D Modeling with Rhinoceros
– Parametric Design with Grasshopper - I
– Parametric with Grasshopper - II

Part II (Onsite or Online) - 1 week:
– Digital Fabrication Systems / 28 Hours

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Posted Apr 15, 2024 by Carla Sologuren on Rhino News, etc.