Deploy python scripts and settings with Package Manager


Would be good to be able to publish and deploy py scripts and also aliases and keyboard shortcuts with the Package Manager.

Taking example from Sketchup, their Ruby packages really helpt the software flourish.
So why not?


Hi @Bogdan_Chipara I really like this idea, I’ll discuss internally.

As I remember there was a similar discussion for Userobjects also. Deploy and publish userobjects using Packagemanager/ Yak.

Hi @Bogdan_Chipara,

You can already post scripts on Food4Rhino, fwiw.

– Dale

The Package Manager is a better interface. With, search, Install/Uninstall.

Things can be improved though. Better keys like Author, Type of Script. Better description and space for preview images.


Bumping this thread. I am also wondering if we can levereage YAK to do this. Any updates on this?

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Im thingking, what if we have a Rhino Cloud Folder, to witch we can add or download or share:

Rhino Settings,
GH Userobjects
Python scripts and Macros
Aliases and Keyboard shortcuts etc

So all this stuff will get synced between computers