Dendro doesnt work

Hey everybody!
I have the issue that there is showing that the DendroAPI.dll, is not founding.
I tried and download again from food4rhino etc. and delete the old files by the settings. But it still doesn’t work, it is not also locked or something…
I am getting lost.
Hope u have an idea, about how to solve that issue. :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Probably due to this…?

This has never been a clear indicator though…

The folks behind Dendro clearly have no intention of bringing it to macOS, even-though openVDB - the C++ framework that they built this on is multiplatform and even has a great Python API - so there’s really no barrier there. Having seen what openVDB can do even from the Terminal, I’d say that Dendro is a wrapper at best.

It really should slowly become mandatory for plug-ins to support each platform that Rhino supports, unless McNeel wants to continue promoting this plug-in discrimination against Mac users.
Even-though the developers often-times have nothing to do with McNeel, I think in the end it only reflects badly on them and damages the reputation of Rhino.

@Kerina Houdini has great openVDB intergration on macOS. :wink:

I understand your point but all of us have the freedom to choose the appropriate OS for the tools we need, i’m glad mcneel doesn’t follow similar policies as apple store with mandatory requirements for developers. I believe this is the reason why we have great tools like dendro, among many others available on package manager for free

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I’m not proposing to take this “freedom” away, however I think that just plug-ins that meet all requirements should be promoted by McNeel on their platforms (e.g. Package Manager, Food4Rhino, etc.). It’s in their best interest to treat both the Windows and macOS user base the same.
This wouldn’t prevent anybody that for whatever reason can not provide a multiplatform distribution from offering the plug-in somewhere else.

I don’t think that this has anything to do with it. The Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Mircosoft Store, etc. are all horrible dumpster fires. Some are less regulated, some more.
On macOS, the App Store is barely used by any serious developer (or user). Most provide their software on their own websites. It’s a failed experiment.

It was mainly the great community around Grasshopper from which emerged a certain group of people that through it discovered programming and computational geometry, and/or wanted to extend its limited capabilities for their own projects. Some credit goes also to the Rhino and Grasshopper developers that saw the signs of times and offered great scripting APIs. At some point there was a superb community spirit, mainly in the old forum.

The main reason why Dendro exists is that the folks behind openVDB made their amazing, multiplatform project open-source and free. Otherwise there probably wouldn’t be no Dendro.
I don’t want to undermine the good will of the creator(s), but even making Dendro commercial probably wouldn’t be as easy as simply offering it for free.
The majority of plug-ins is also either free or insanely expensive, because their is no substantial market that would justify the cost of making a commercial product as a small developper.

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if you want dendro on mac so badly and it is as much of a no brainer as you say, then use the source code i provide to port it over to mac yourself.

you can find the repo at GitHub - ecrlabs/dendro: volumetric modeling for grasshopper built on top of openvdb

also, just because a codebase is multiplatform doesn’t mean it is out-of-the-box ready for any platform. first, compiling openvdb binaries for mac are required and then rewriting the c++ api of dendro to port it over completely.this isn’t a quick fix. it isn’t impossible, but it takes too much time for me as the developer to undertake. especially considering I make no money from this and it is all on my free time.


I don’t even use Dendro on my Windows box, so no, I won’t port your baby over to macOS for you. I frankly have better things to do in my free-time. Nice try, though.

I just stated that openVDB is multiplatform, open-source and free and thus can be compiled for macOS. I didn’t insinuate anything about your wrapper code.

That’s fine by me, although the Windows version is also free and you still seem to be developing it? And it’s obviously your choice to offer it free of cost.

My personal opinion is just that Rhino does support both platforms, and so should add-ons if they want to be on food4rhino and/or the PackageManager. In the end, it’s McNeel who have to deal with let down costumers and of course their decision what they want to do.

you seem to misunderstand things. i couldn’t care less if it gets ported to mac. you act like i am trying to get you to code it when i am not. i am simply saying it is a lot a work, i’m not interested in doing that work, and therefore if someone wants it that badly then they can do it themselves. that is why i made all the source code available.


So your saying you want Dendro to run on Mac and you could easily do this port yourself but you want someone else this work for you for free and you don’t use Dendro?

I’m super confused by this thread…

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Right, maybe express yourself more clearly than next time.

Maybe you’re confused, because you didn’t read it, because you clearly don’t understand what I’m advocating for here. The cavalry has arrived…

Unmanaged DLLs cannot be directly used on macos. They are to be recompiled to so files, all pinvokes need to be rewritten and potential marshalling difference needs to be handled.

Recently I ported my fully-managed plugin (Pancake) onto macOS, which still took me about 2 days.

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@ryein did a wonderful job very useful for many users. Funny fact many years ago I choose Windows over Mac because rhinoceros wasn’t on Mac. Things change now McNeel push the developpers to use Eto for the gui in order to be cross platform. So slowly there will be more tools for both platform.
By the way it will be a good idea that Mc Neel include more library like OpenVdb clipper open3d CGAL …

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This thread reminds me of the “internet on an airplane” bit from this clip.

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I’m not trying to coerce @ryein into porting Dendro to macOS and nowhere did I state that making it happen wouldn’t be any work, but it’s interesting - I guess - that it took you two days to port your plug-in. Thanks for acknowledging the mac community of Rhino/Grasshopper users.

I don’t doubt that.

I wonder what moving to another UI framework for Rhino add-ons has to do with Grasshopper add-ons that almost all are headless, but only few support macOS?
Also I’d say that moving to Eto really hasn’t done anything to motivate more developers to port their Rhino plug-ins to macOS. Barely any are available to Mac users.

Isn’t that the Mexican guy who liked to surprise other people with his erect genitals exposed? *cringe*

Criticize the argument, not the person!

Imagine forcing developers to develop for all known platforms :face_with_spiral_eyes::rofl:.

I think I am going to start demanding Rhino devs to port Rhino to mobile… because I want to use it there.

All jokes aside, Windows and MacOS both have advantages and disadvantages. No one is forcing you to choose MacOS or Windows, just own your decisions. If you are unhappy with it you can always change. But I don’t think you get to freely decide to chose one over the other and then complain about x not being supported. In fact it is strongly recommended, when it comes to software in general and specially Rhino to choose Windows because of this very issue.


:nerd_face: The major obstacle is my mac is with me right now… making it very hard to test.

Generally still few things to sort out, but I think it would be quite soon.

Dark mode support:


Hang Protection on mac:


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