Deletehole = Untrimhole?

It took me some time before I realized DeleteHole became UntrimHole in WIP. It’s just a small detail but I find DeleteHole better explaining and easier to remember than Untrimhole. My two cents, if it stays untrimhole I’ll probably setup an alias.

I think there might be an internal alias made for this - it was discussed awhile back - but maybe it just hasn’t made it in yet… @pascal?


Yeah it should be there - We did mull over the naming and eventually decided UntrimHoles was, arguably, the better one because it fits with the other Untrim* commands. I’ll see about a builtin alias though.

The thing with that is still that autocomplete favors UntrimHoles over Untrim when typing UNT and having used UntrimHoles previously. I fall into that pitfall all the time and wonder for a while why the thing doesn’t want to Untrim.