Delete informations from a panel

Hi, what is an easy way to delete informations from a panel

Cull index -1

You can use Cull Index to remove specific items from a tree: (17.9 KB)

thank you and is there a chance to set an “+” in front of every number? For example “+60”, “+100”?

You can use a simple python script to do that:

if (x.isdigit()):
    a = "+"+x
    a = x (18.5 KB)

Why it doesn´t works with my file? Can you help me please? (120.1 KB)

You need to write click on x input of python component and then click on Internalise data, before uploading your file here:

sorry, i hope it workes now (120.9 KB)

Because there are white-spaces in your text:

You can either get rid of these white-spaces using grasshopper Text Trim component or using python strip() method. (17.8 KB)