Delete duplicate data from a list

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to delete duplicate data from a list . I tried Cull duplicate but it works only on points im using closest points command and the problem is there are points which are repeated and i need to remove the repeated points and need the indices of those points from the input list


Post a file with the point data.
Grafting the output of closest points won’t be helpful with finding the duplicates, I think.

Hi, what he means is that you upload your script file (.gh file) to the forum so that people can open the file in their computers. Just attach it in your original post (by editing it) or in a new reply to this discussion.

Note that if you are using referenced geometry from Rhino, you will need to “internalize it” inside Grasshopper or also upload the Rhino file (.3dm) that the GH script is using.

You can internalize geometry by right clicking on a component and click on “internalize”

For further details refer to:

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