Definition for Facade Panelization

I study the Grasshopper and was inspired by Satoru Sugihara, his facade project for Emerson College Los Angeles, please help me build definition.

ATLV Project: Emerson College Los Angeles Courtyard Facade
Agent-Based Algorithms for Advanced Facade Panelization - YouTube

To fully understand how to work in Grasshopper, it is necessary to invest a lot of time, so every advanced definition that I analyze with satisfaction, so I was very grateful if you could help me please

it is an interesting project. But in what part are you interested ? All the project ? Ask the architect or focus on an aspect of the project and find a maximum of documentation, view carefully the video.
I have found also that

I have used this method to recreate a part of :
See my blog here

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Thank you, I wrote to the author, but I have not received an answer from him yet. It is interesting to me to understand the principle of constructing such a definition. And you can expand this source in more detail from pdf

Perhaps this definition can be created using the plugin KINGKONG, because it seems like the geometry behavior on this video,
if you compare with this And can anyone tell what software is used here

Hello, I feel that there is no response)

Whatever the software they used it could be done in Rhino Grasshopper. It seems that its rely a lot on agents so my advice is that you try to use agents. There must be some tutorials, examples …

As you publish nothing, you must surley read that :
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