Default value in Cluster

Hi everyone,

Is there any way of making a cluster that have default values for the numerical inputs?


Right-click a cluster input and set the value as you would with any standard component.


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your answer, but my question is not about how to assign a value. There are some native components in Grasshopper that have default values, i.e. if there is no user input, they still work due to some default values assigned to their inputs. How to do the same for a cluster?

The answer is the same.

Attached is a GH file with two clusters, ColorJ and isEqual. Each has defaults set as I described.

  • ColorJ ‘J’ = 0
  • ColorJ ‘S’ = 2
  • isEqual ‘T’ = 0.0001 (11.8 KB)


If this was a matter of replacing nulls, you could try to see if Combine works. It operates on multiple inputs and outputs the first input value which isn’t null: cluster (11.9 KB)

However this doesn’t just provide a single default value, it will also overwrite any actual nulls you’re inputting.


Thanks both, what I had in mind was something like combine component… will give it a try.

Perfect to me! thanks