Decimation of 3d scan

Do you know any method in Rhino to change high-quality 3d scan (mesh) to triangles with a specific length between vertices (in mm)?

Hello- QuadRemesh is the best bet in Rhino -


Thanks. What if I need triangles?

TriangulateMesh - that will not repect the length of course but maybe close enough…


But when retopo will be in quads and next if I will convert it to triangles then quality will be worse than if I will do straight retopo with triangulation. The shape won’t be so accurate. I`ve read on this forum some feature from Rhino 7 Grasshopper some time ago about triangularization. Could you remind me of that node?

I`ve found that: Trimesh. Introducing TriRemesh - high quality triangular and hexagonal remeshing and shrink wrapping

Is there a way to set Trimesh to specific length between vertices?

The ‘Length’ input of TriRemesh sets the target length for the edges.
It’s not geometrically possible to make triangle meshes lying smoothly on a surface with exactly the same length.

Typically you’ll get edges ranging from around 80% to 130% of this target length, with most of them between 90% and 110%

You can force the lengths to become exactly equal by relaxing with Kangaroo, but only by crumpling the mesh so it no longer lies on the surface.

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Will it work over pointcloud?

Hi -


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