Debugging c# grasshopper component in visual studio

Hello everyone, I’m trying to write a plugin in grasshopper and although the project has no errors, when I build the solution to debug the project it gives me this error.

I was working on this project in previous days and I didn’t recieve this error that time.

Any help can be very beneficial to save my time.

You need to tell Visual Studio that Rhino.exe is the start up item when debugging. I’m not in front of my computer at the moment so I can’t provide any sort of screen shot.

What’s changed in the last few days? Did you add a project that’s a class library to the solution and that’s set as the startup project?

You should have something like this in the Grasshopper project, but it shouldn’t just get corrupted unless you’ve been doing something with the project or solution.

well, finally worked :))
It sounds that I changed some debuging settings inadvertantly.
I added the “Executable” on the launchsettings.json file, which was missed. then I added the rhino.exe path to the debug properties> executable tab. I also removed rhino.exe path from the working directory in debug properties.

both solutions really helped me fix it.