Debug rhino7 plugin project in Rhino 8

Hi all,
I would like to move my plugin to Rhino 8. I’ve tested my plugin in Rhino 8 and at least some stuff doesnt work, so I would like to be able to debug in Rhino 8.
I did some searching but I can’t find a guide which explains how to do this. Probably because I dont fully understand the implications of changing to rhino 8.
What I have found is this guide:

[Rhino - Moving to .NET 7]

Can someone point me in the right direction or maybe explain the steps I should take to be able to debug in Rhino 8?

Thanks in advance!

regards Reinder

What exactly does not work? Can you build the plug-in without errors, and load it into rhino8?
If so, you can attach the debugger to the running process. I’m assuming you are familiar with debugging in general, e.g. breakpoints in your code, etc.

Hi Menno,

Thanks for reacting. I see that I’m not specific enough.

Normally when I code I debug from within visual studio and I hit the button “Start Debugging(Project Name)” then Rhino 7 is started. I was expecting to find a way to start Rhino 8 instead of Rhino 7. How should I do this? Is this some setting? Or Should I start a new project in VS 2022 which starts rhino8 and add all project files form the existing project?
Essentially I dont know how to move to Rhino 8 with my project and I couldn’t find the information on the forum or guides to do this.(Big chance I didnt recognize it).

On your startup project, right-click and select properties. Then choose Debug, and you should be able to change the start-up program and its path. This should be changed to the path of Rhino 8.


Here is an example of the settings we use to start debugging our plugin in Rhino 8. One thing you will need to consider, is if you are running on .Net Core, or .Net Framework. Our plugin is .Net Framework 4.8 so we need to add one additional parameter to Rhino’s startup to tell it to use the framework: /netfx

Optionally, we pass a scheme parameter which is what loads our Skin assembly, which in turn loads our plugin. You could also just manually execute a command from your plugin after loading it the first time.

Optionally we also pass /nosplash to avoid seeing the Rhino Splash while debugging.



Thanks for your support. I was able to change it.

regards Reinder

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