Datatypes and Generic Data Component


I am working on making my script more readible. I am currently separting it in parts with each part having an input and and output group that contains all inputs and outputs as a data container. Now I am wondering about the difference between using a generic data component vs using a specific one that suits the data I pass through.

My preference is to use the generic one, for that is quicker to implement and my assumption is that the generic data component only passes the data without manipulating its datatype. Is that correct?
Thanks for your comment.

A follow up question: What is the influence on computational cost when generating a large amount of generic data components for the sake of organizing the script?

The generic parameter does not change your data, however the script components will try and ‘interpret’ your output values. To disable that logic you can output your data inside a Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.GH_ObjectWrapper().

Hi David,
cool to receive a response from you. Greetings from the TU Delft!

Can you briefly elaborate on that response? I am probably fine with this way, because the component does not change anything of my data. Or could anything go wrong with the ‘interpretation’ and what would be the ‘risk’?
I estimate that I have around > 500 output containers, I would not be interested to edit each one of them. Is what you suggest for every component or for the grasshopper file, so that all generic data components do not allow ‘interpretation’ downstream?