Data tree structure- Combinations (20.3 KB)

Hi everyone, I am stuck in a data trees structure issue. I Have 2 set of data:
Data 1 - A data tree which contains some letters, (this letters represent different unit houses)
Data 2 - Combinations - This data tree contains the path from the data 1 which makes different combinations.

In ‘Expected results’ is how i want the output of the combinations to be but im really stuck. Anyone could help /guide me?? Thank you very much…

by the way, this image and definitinion its just a little part of a very big feseability definition housing study. and and in this step i want to calculate all the possible combinations in order to optimize in a further step,

I appreciate any help thanks!!

You could use Partition List. (28.2 KB)

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Ohhh thank you!! @HS_Kim simple and efficient!!