Data matching between sets

hi everyone,
as seen in the image, i want to get four sets of booleans (showing equality) between {0;0} {0;1} and {0},with {1;0} {1;1} and {1}. But right now it seems {0;1} is matching to {1}.
What should be the structure of the sets to get what I want?
Also, is there any online resources explaining the basic logic of matching between multiple sets like this?

here are the files.
for (11.2 KB)

I guess you need the same tree structure …not 0;0 0;1 to 0 but 0;0 0;1 to 0;0.

The rule is longest list longest tree matching.

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i also tried that. this is what i get, basically the same.

Sorry for the late reply, this is really odd but grasshopper don’t recognice the integer datatype as such so it fail to collect index of the same item.
If the datatype is explicetly converted everything works as expected.
you could use search key value also.

Hope it make sense and give to some direction to figure things out.

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hi @flokart thank you for your time.
but, the problem is i am using this operation as part of my larger script. I’ve attached the main script below, basically i want to get the columns as highlighted by the blue circle, but i am getting it as highlighted by the red circle.
is there anyway i can use your “member index” approach to get the results i want?
it seems really simple, but i just can’t get it without splitting the geometries into two separate scripts.
again, thank you for your time. ^^

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You can useGraft Parallel. from Elefront plugin to do this in one step.

for forum (24.9 KB)

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@magicteddy thank you so much for your effort, and sorry for my late reply. it works well for the boolean list, because it grafted all the items in the list.
but it doesn’t work for the two lists to be input to “dispatch”. as you can see, i have two lists of booleans and boxes, which i want the boxes tree structure to match the boolean tree structure accordingly. and the “graft parallel” component just graft everything in the list.
[refer to the image attached] i can use this really ugly approach with path mapper, but i think there might be some elegant way to solve this. i can’t believe grasshopper doesn’t have any nodes for this simple operation.
do you have any more ideas how i can get it done? cheers ^^

Add another secondary input to Graft parallel and feed the boxes there.

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@magicteddy yep, this is it! thank you so so much ^^