Data Dam : unwanted type casting

I’m trying to create a “detector” of eventual modifications made to the GUIDs of the objects I’m processing in my definition.
Part of my definition is “shielded” by a data dam to prevent it from running everytime I refresh the definition upstream, and enable the user to choose when to recompute it.

I want to use the Levenshtein distance between the GUIDs upstream and those downstream of the dam to detect any changes that would require the user to refresh.

The issue I’m facing is that the Data Dam component type casts my GUIDs to referenced geometry.

By chance, referenced geometry can easily be type cast back to GUIDs…

I hope that GH2 will bring some kind of control over type casting in components.
To take this example, I prefer the data dam to just hold data and not fool around with it, but someone else could see it otherwise, thus the idea of having this as an option.

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Maybe you could use python to do this…

rhinoscriptsyntax (

Hi Martin !

Well, I was seeing this more as a direct request to @DavidRutten for GH2.
Maybe this is a naïve question, but is it possible to compile python code to make GH components ?
I feel compeled to learn python rather than C#, but I also want to make efficient component for computation intensive tasks.

Right now, I’m using a tiny python component to process SQL queries against a Sqlite database, but it’s taking forever when I have a large number of queries…

Two point one

You could probably make your own GH component, save it as a User Object

Would that speed-up the execution ?
SQLite (2.0 KB)

I’m not skilled enough for this, sorry