Cycles : edges lag after pause

Hi @nathanletwory,

Over here after the Cycles mode is paused and resumed, the wireframes don’t update and display at the previous position, until view is moved:

Curious if this can be reproduced on your end or I messed something up…


It probably can be reproduced, I’ll check on Monday.

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This is not a problem of the wires not updated, but rather Raytraced not handling properly the view changes that happened during the paused state (and probably any other change).

I see. Hope this is fixable : ) thank you

Since software is human-made there is great hope for a fix (:


(p.s. I’m suggesting I’m human).

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Ok, so far you have been passing my Turing Test here… but these days tech and AI is cutting jobs so who knows what Bob does to keep Rhino so well-priced… :wink:

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