Cutting or splitting textured meshes problem

I have a building invironment model which I want use in a pesentation. it comes from an imported .fbx file. It contains a couple of hundreds textured meshes. I need only the building block in middle. In other words I dont need the part which is displayed in red. Actually I want to cut the stuff in the middle of the street. (see attached image). My problem is I cannot cut or split the meshes. I have tried a couple of methods to split or cut the model in a way that the texture remain correct. Any solution is welcomed (I use Grasshopper too).

fbx file link

Hi -
It doesn’t look like the textures came along and so I can’t test if a given workflow affects those textures or not.


I have uploaded the original imported . fbx file. As far as I know the fbx file contains the textures as well.

Hi - this procedure seems to work:

I first deleted all meshes that were clearly outside the area of interest by windows-selecting them in the perspective viewport.
I then ran SplitDisjointMesh on all meshes that cross the street.
Then windows-selected some more and deleted that.
I then turned on the points of street-crossing meshes, used the lasso command to select points outside of the polyline and deleted those.
That didn’t seem to affect the textures of the remaining meshes.

Thanks! What kind of element did you used for splitting?

None. I just used lasso to manually select things.
OK - a better way: after having deleted non-street-crossing meshes outside of the area of interest, turn on the points of all remaining meshes. Then run SelBoundary and select the polyline. Then invert the selection and delete.

Dear Wim,
Thanks for the soultion. It is really great help for me. The only problem is that according to this method there is no straight cut line in the middle of teh street, which is really needed when I want join the neighboring block on the opposite side of the street. Is there a way the add extra points to the meshes along the polyline? Beacuse if we can, we just the process we did but we will have straight cut in the middle of the street.

Hi -

I’ve messed with that some more now but couldn’t find a reliable way of doing that.
Perhaps @piac has some pointers here.

This is going to be tough to split cleanly, I think - randomly selecting one of the meshes, Check in V7 tells me:

Mesh has 96 non manifold edges.
Mesh has 36 duplicate faces.
Skipping face direction check because of positive non manifold edge count.
Mesh has 499 pairs of faces that intersect each other.


Are you saying Splitting or Mesbooelandiffernce cannot be done with those currupt meshes? Mesh repair tools cannot be a help fot this?

The Mesh tools currently in Rhino are not robust enough to deal with meshes that corrupted.