Customizing workspace - sigh!

sorry to say that, but customizing rhino workspace ist - still - a real pain.
had a grasshopper freeze and had to shut down rhino via task manager.

all my panels were gone and i had to rearrange them manually.
this is not the first time i have to do this and i find rhino custom workspaces still very unstable.
i am much in a hurry (which makes it even more unpleasant), so i have no time for detailed explanations and screenshots.
just a general moan …


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…and the choir moans with you…

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I thought about to post something like this too, but don’t expect a change … . Customizing the workspace is wasted time.

well, i would not call it wasted time.
i´ve been using rhino since approx. 13 years. my workspace grew and developped during the years and i could not exist without it.
custumizing it has always been a hassle and i used many workarounds to get a reasonable compromise.

… and i am still hoping …

Wasted time means it’s so much time needed to rearrange the UI after a crash or an update that finally I gave up and use the default arrangement now. For example I placed the by me often needed named view panel on the left side, but Rhino reset it from the UI extremely often.

i also realised it depends on OS / installation.
i use an identical workspace in the office (win7pro64, admin) and on my laptop (win7pro32, user).
the office installation is much more stable than the one on the laptop

Yep, I only have the MRU toolbar floating in the bottom right, and that still regularly goes missing…

I’m hoping that this one which is included in v6 already will help ease this frustration. It deals with UI changes being saved regardless of the number of open Rhino sessions.

Please describe any specific steps to explain other pains when customizing the UI and I’ll make sure they get filed. The more information I can communicate to the developers, the more likely this area will get better in future versions of Rhino.

Here’s another request I have logged that I consider the heart of this issue Please add your votes that this should get developer attention if you agree.

as a long term user i am completely aware, that current ui settings are saved with the last rhino session closed.
so this one will be useless in terms of my original problem …sorry

also its often very hard to describe the problem exactly.
mostly its as simple as this:
1 boot the machine
2 start rhino
3 toolbars/panels are gone or not where they should be

I use 2 x screens and I normally keep all my toolbars on the left screen. I’ve found that often when I go to another program like email or browser and come back to Rhino my main screen workspace is fine but all my toolbars on the other screen are gone. The only remedy I’ve found to this is to click on the Windows Taskbar toolbar icon for either my browser(Firefox) or my email program repeatedly minimising/maximising the other program whilst actually staying focussed on Rhino, and then within 2 or 3 tries my Left screen toolbars come back. Every now and then nothing works and I have to right click on a Rhino toolbar in my main screen window and untick/re-tick the toolbars 1 by 1 that I want to show and then they re-appear on my 2nd screen in the right position etc. Something I learnt to live with. Michael VS

I built a custom rui file with all the toolbars I use and only have that rui file open.
I also (more or less) regurarly save a copy of that file.
If something strange happens I can easily restore the last saved environment.
I’ve doing that from Rhino 4 (or maybe 3) and it still works.

thats exacty my workflow (and i guess anyone else´s who cares about his workspace)
it worked more or less flawlessly until rhino 5.

now, when loading a .rui, my toolbars are not where i left them, when saving the rui.

i have two long, horizontal toolbars at the top and bottom of the screen, which dont cause problems.
to the left and right i have a mixture of panels in tabs and toolbars. when i reload a rui, these are always splatterer all over the screen …

Hmmm … I only have two toolbar groups at the top now.
Now that you mention it … I think I had to get used to few toolbars back in Rhino 3 days, just because it was simpler to restore their positions … I think it was then that I started to build my own custom (larger) toolbars instead of using the standard ones.
Actually what I have to keep are the toolbars and the buttons, most of them customized.
Toolbars positions may still be a problem, you’re right.