Customizing the Appearance of Eto Dialog UI

Hi everyone, I am trying out Eto.Forms in Rhino 6, and so far I am able to follow the examples and tutorials to create modal and modeless UI with GHpython component.

However, I am having a hard time trying to find ways to change the appearance/look of the UI from the default appearance to something more attractive. A good example of the intended result would be UI by Andre Agi: In fact, that UI work by Andre Agi was the reason why I am interested in Eto.Forms.

Is there any examples or tutorials that explain how to modify the appearance? Alternatively, what are the classes that set the appearances(font, background, button icons, etc…) of the dialog? Thanks in advance!

All I can find are things like this, which is rather limited. If styling is important, it may have to be platform dependent. Windows and iOS renders UI elements differently.

Thanks! I am currently guessing that the appearance could depend on RhinoUI or Windows, the default appearance from the examples does look similar to Rhino’s dialog windows. Perhaps I would try to play around with Rhino UI first.