Custom GetPoint

I am developing a GetPoint-derived custom getter class; I would like to be able to add custom snapping behavior and am using construction points to implement that; I also have some custom drawing in the dynamic draw override.

I have two questions. First, I would like to be able to apply the custom snapping behavior when the user chooses the “From” option with my class to set a base point but I can’t figure out how to do that. It seems to ignore any of my snapping logic in the base point setting logic and I don’t see a way to get into that logic.

Second, although my class does apply the desired snapping, the mouse position display bar does not stay snapped like happens when you use grid snapping or Osnaps; it shows the point where it things my mouse cursor is and not the snapped point; is there a way to programmatically move the mouse cursor?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @LarryL,

Feel free to post any custom code that is not working for you.


– Dale

Hi Dale,

Many thanks for the offer of help. I think I was able to find a workaround to the issue I was having by handling the “From” option in the custom getpoint class (by disabling the normal from and handling string input myself); it might be a nice addition if more of the Get class methods were virtual so derived classes could override their behavior. Thanks again.