Curve-surface conversion error, bug?

Having an issue converting a polyline curve to a surface. At first I suspected document tolerances, but they are ok.
Any ideas? a workaround?
image (3.2 KB)

A Boundary surface gets closer but still has an error. No clue why. (17.7 KB)

Thank you for looking at it, Joe. I use a curve to surface conversion so often I forgot about the boundary curve component.
The direct curve to surface conversion works accurately almost all of the time. Don’t know why it is inaccurate in the specific case of this curve. tried exploding and recombining, projecting to construction plane to make sure all curves coplanar, and a few other things, still seems to be an error in the conversion.
Thank you again for the suggested work around.

Changing ‘View | Display Options | Units | Absolute tolerance’ to 0.0001 fixes the problem, though you have to reconnect the wire to Boundary to see it take effect.