Curve nest

Hi there,
i need to design a structure like in pic, but i don’t know how to create that. Is it composed with attractors? can you recommend me some tutorials?

Thank you in advance!!!

It is hard task (for you machine)- generating this geometry is nurbs .
For meshes use “soft for meshes”.
In attach simple .gh ( need “HoopShake” plugin). (15.9 KB)

From the image is not clear if you are after a Lorenz thingy. If not I have a def that “wraps” curves along a curve in 24 different modes/ways (but it doesn’t check pipes clash issues).

It’s slow (case: results as pipes):

Or real-time (case: results as curves):


Notify if you think that it could be useful in some way (NOTE: code only).

Look into swarms, boids, flocks. Here is some plug ins:

Anemone if you want to get into loops and build your own logic:

Mixed with Boids:

If you want an all in one solution meant specifically for swarms look at Culebra:

this is like my idea! but there aren’t much tutorial about HS :confused:

this is interesting whit pipes, but my goal is like loop curve to build a “nest idea”

ok thank you, i will seach some tutorials about plugins! i hope to find something! Thank you guys! :wink:

It’s your call … but if the guide crv is closed (and/or is some sort of spiral) and the deviation min/max values allow some interior (so to speak) space you can have a similar to a nest effect. Taking care of clash issues on the other hand is not that simple.

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BTW: If you are after things the likes of Beijing bird nest … the easiest way to approximate (Note: 1M miles away from reality, but anyway) a similar effect is to section rendomly a brep or mesh and get a “nest” like Topology.