Curve Cleanup for CAM

Dear all, I need your help with this

We received a truckload of linework output from illustrator, unfortunately the segments are not tangent where need to be. I developed a script to identify said kinks. Can anyone suggest an efficient way of achieving tangency between consecutive segments at the identified points? Thank you very much!!

CAM Processing Test.3dm (51.9 KB)
CAM (54.8 KB)


for tangency alignment you only need to bring the first two cps of each curve into a line. I made a component some time ago to match curves even with G2. However its no a one-click solution, so all the sorting has to be done beforehand.It does only match two curves and nothing more. Depending on the file, sorting is not as trivial as well. But you might get it done already, if not just tell me and I‘ll have look this day…
… if an manual approach isn’t the fastest solution here anyway…

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I developed a python (non-GH) script for this awhile back - I’ll just throw it out here FWIW. You should be able to select all curves at once and run the script. Limited to planar degree 3 curves. As with all “automatic” solutions, run some tests to make sure it does what you want, and check the results carefully… (6.8 KB)


Thanks a million. worked a treat

Thank you Tom, very helpful