Curve boolean undo

Hi, I cannot seem to undo the curve boolean command when selecting individual regions. Sometimes the lines are not fully closed and I need to correct this. Currently, I have to continue the command and inspect it afterwards for flaws, whereas I was hoping to undo so that any area left blank would immediately stand out as something that needs to be addressed.

E: The macro invokes: Sellayer > layername > enter > curveboolean
These are the settings:

Hi -

That’s correct, there is no such option. I’ve added RH-65987.

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Thanks Wim!

Maybe I’m not understanding the problem, but if you want to undo the last, or any, curve boolean region selection while in the command just click in the same place. The region will be deselected.

While that is true, having an undo for something like this, just like in Autocad makes it much easier in terms of muscle memory. It is something I easily tend to forget, since you instinctively press ctrl+z out of habit for undoing. The use case here is also that if you navigated the viewport, you would have to go back and forth as well.