Culling the line which have intersections with other lines

I have divided some curves by length, and from each of the interval, I made a perpendicular line. now I want to take only the lines (the perpendiculars) which have intersections with the curves I mentioned. I already tried but I could not find the solution (31.8 KB)

I new in grasshopper too, And Ihave bad english. I think you should use boolean operators, which will check the curves for intersection. and then use somthing like this image


you can check the red group… (37.3 KB)

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Thank you, by the way, your English is good

the powerful of google translate)))))!!!


Thank you so much, can you tell me why you used shift path?

You are welcome. I have used it to get same number of branches as number of lines.
In that manner Dispatch pattern has been matched.

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Thank you for your help, I should spend more time on understanding data tree :heart_eyes:

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