Cull Pattern & List Management to create dot & line pattern

Hello Community,

I am trying to understand lists and from the attempt posted here, I think I have a ways to go still.
I am looking for guidance in creating a similar pattern to the attached image.
My 1st thought was to create a true/false pattern that isolates each row of points. From there a custom (and as it turns out) another quite lengthy true/false cull pattern isolating the points for a line to be generated between them.

I have realized that the true/false pattern only works for identifying the dots and not the spaces or gaps between the dots which is what I really need as some lines end at one dot, leave a gap and start again at the next neighboring dot.
Is there a way to identify the gaps instead of the points so I can create the true/false pattern to match the image?
Is there also a better way to handle the list and pattern more efficiently, rather than one row at a time?
Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. (3.6 KB)

This could be one way… (13.0 KB)

wow! this is awesome - thank you so much for your time